Spare Parts

Spare parts are critical to the successful operation of the modern factory. Without a spare part, the failure of a simple component is capable of shutting down operations for days. Features Magnum is a great source for your spare part needs. We supply a vast array of conveyor, [...]



Maintenance is important, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Resources are commonly insufficient in today’s streamlined organizations and plant managers deal with one fire after another, often requiring maintenance to take a back seat to more pressing issues. Teamwork Magnum provides a team of [...]



Magnum designs and fabricates controls systems and custom control panels across a host of industries and a range of applications. Experience We provide complete control systems solutions, which include a wide range of engineering services from controls design, panel build, field implementation, programming, debugging, commissioning, documentation and training. [...]



Industrial installation requires expertise, experience and attention to detail. We understand the needs of industrial facilities that must keep operational with little or no downtime. Mechanical & Electrical Magnum offers a variety of mechanical and electrical installation services, and flexible labor staffing based, on the unique size and [...]



Magnum is a team of skilled and creative engineers and technical professionals specializing in mechanical, electrical and systems design.  When needed, we pull on a network of resources cultivated over years of experience to provide specific expertise to a project. Solutions We consistently provide thoughtful, innovative and flexible [...]

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